Find Tennis Partner

Meet with people who want to play tennis.

Reserve Tennis Courts

Choose court, get directions of way and play tennis.

Find Tennis Coaches

Find the best tennis coach in your area.

Sell or Buy Tennis Equipment

This marketplace will offer you the best tennis equipment.

World's biggest tennis application

What is Teniscim?

Teniscim is an application that combines every component of tennis and offers unprecedented features around the world. It aims to make a great experience for users and customers. They are Teniscim’s applications with 100% user-oriented screens.

Individual and Corporate Solutions

Tennis Players

Custom Profiles

Reservations to Tennis Clubs,Courts

Being Frendship

Real time messajing with other users

Find tennis partner where you want to meet at any time

Easy access to tennis coaches

Sell or buy great tennis equipments

Struggle with spectacular scoring methods

Access to tennis grounds with location based structure

Tennis Coaches

Custom Profiles

Show your experiences in your profiles

Easy to find students by specifying the price range

Sharing photos

Specification of preferred courts and grounds

Great filters for users

Clubs & Courts

Custom Profiles

Ability to show special features for each club in profiles

Easy introduction with photos

Easy booking with your own panel

Full satisfaction in payment systems

Easily view financial structure of the club with graphics

Navigations for players

Contact with your possible customers

Sellers & Buyers

Custom Profiles

Product promotion convenience

Easy payment


Sell or buy products with great filters

50 000+ people already use Seven App!

Great App for You

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Coming Soon to App Store and Google Play!

En Kişisel Tenis Deneyiminiz!

Our Special Features


Players, courts, coaches, seller and buyers on one platform.

Both Corporate and Individual

Teniscim has many corporate and individual solutions.

Easy Access From Anywhere

Teniscim offers user-friendly user interfaces and great experience for all desktop and mobile devices.

Experience Monster

Teniscim’s greatest goal is to be best tennis experience in the world.

How It Works

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This video will tell you what Teniscim does.

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 2017 – Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.

2017 – Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.